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Stocking Spread

If you celebrate the Holidays with family and friends, today may be filled to the brim with noise and activities. If you can find a moment to step away, it may help to clear your mind to try a tarot spread, designed with you in mind this holiday season.

Card 1: Overall theme of this Holiday.
The first card you draw will represent the day. Will it go well or will the family start arguing politics before the food is done? This card will give you an overall idea of what the theme of your day will be. Make sure your head is clear and you’re really manifesting thoughts of the Holiday.

Example: The Five of Cups shows sadness, loss and discontent. Hopefully you don’t pull this card because it does not represent the happy holiday everyone deserves.

Card 2: What are you hoping to find in your spiritual stocking this year?
What gifts are you hoping the universe will give to you this year? This question speaks to the things you can’t wrap and put under the tree. Are you hoping to find peace with a situation or maybe improve yourself through a bit of lightwork?

Example: The Ace of Pentacles shows prosperity and abundance. Surely contentment is a wonderful gift to receive any holiday season.

Card 3: How have you been naughty/nice this year?
This speaks to the theme of your year. Did your shadow self take over or have you been pure as can be? This card will help you intuit what is going on with you internally.

Example: The Two of Pentacles represents time management and adaptability. In this sense it may been that you’re always running late or it could also point to you making great strides towards completing your goals. It is up to your intuition and self reflection to be honest with yourself about whether you’ve been naughty or nice this Holiday season.

Happy Holidays from!

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