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Lightworking Spread

For those of us who are still seeking self-improvement and haven’t quite reached Enlightenment, we can look to the deck for guidance. But even if you believe your purpose is to help others, the deck can be a great place to look for answers. Try this simple three card lightworking spread the next time you’re looking for answers.

Card 1: Someone that needs your help.
Lightworkers believe their life’s purpose is to help others. Clear your head before you pull you first card and really manifest the card of someone that needs your help. Look to the characteristics of the card and find a person in your life that this card resonates with. You may not have even met them yet. Really study this card to determine the who of this spread.

Example: The Page of Cups represents creative energy and potential. The person this represents is likely a fan of the arts and may make a living painting, singing or acting. They will be easy to spot because, much like The Page of Cups, they are full of curiosity and will probably ask many questions in their day to day interaction.

Card 2: The area they need help in.
We talked about the who, next comes the what. What is the problem in their life that you are specifically being called to help with? Pay attention to upright and reverse to be sure that you’re addressing the right meaning of this card. If it is a bit confusing, you can also use your divination skill to really understand this card separate from the textbook definition.

Example: The Moon represents truth seeking and moments of clarity. This points to issues with a revelation that is either eluding this person or that this person will soon come to that might have a shocking effect on their life.

Card 3: How you can help.
Lastly, we speak to the how. How can you help? What is something you can do for this person that nobody else can? Maybe they just need someone to listen to them and nobody else can really see them crying out for help. Regardless of the degree to which you can help, one thing is for certain. This person either needs you now or will soon need you.

Example: The Ace of Swords is a card of absolute mental triumph. It shows a new journey that is about to begin. Whatever this revelation is, you will be able to help this person start over again.

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