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Tarot Spread: Spirit Guides

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a template when reaching out to your spirit guides. This is where tarot spreads can really come in handy. Here will will use a simple three card spread to address a solution our spirit guides may have to a problem we’re facing in our shadow work.

1. A card to represent your spirit guide: This card represents the sprit guide that is trying to reach out to guide you. At different times, you may hear from different entities. Drawing this card first and really focusing when you pull, helps you identify the energy of the guiding force. You may even come to recognize them in these readings moving forward.

Example: The Six of Swords shows a woman and her child travelling across the ocean in a boat pierced by swords. Your spirit guide may be represented by the woman or the child, but the overarching theme of this guide is the change and departure that is synonymic with The Six of Swords.

2. A card to represent the problem: This card shows the problem within your shadow self that you may or may not be conscious of at the time of reading. Be careful to note whether this card appears upright or in reverse, as that can drastically change the outcome of the reading and some see reverse cards as a trick your shadow self is playing.

Example: The Page of Swords has ties to Mercury, which points to a problem with communication. Often the upright Page of Swords can tell you that you’re being too open and vulnerable in the way that you communicate with others. You might be giving too much information to a friend, lover, or a boss that may come back to haunt you.

3. A card to show a solution: Really focus your energy when pulling this card. This is the card that your spirit guide is trying to manifest specifically for you. This is what is really going to help you to resolve the aforementioned problem that your shadow self is plaguing you with.

Example: The Eight of Pentacles shows ambition and talent. This informs our previous card pull to tell us that this problem is likely occuring in your place of business. Pentacles are all about your career and money. Your financial health may be about to take a drastic hit if you don’t pay close attention to this card. You can see on its face that the man depicted is working very hard, he may even be a perfectionist. This card urges you against becoming a workaholic and having tunnel vision. In this case your spirit guide is likely telling you to protect yourself and not be working too hard in a job that may easily replace you.

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