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Good Omens: Luck

Things in tarot are rarely set in stone, but there are a few exceptions that are decidedly good omens. These can lead to emotional peace, wealth or even the end of an ongoing conflict in your life. Undisputed, here are some of the best signs of luck to receive during your tarot reading.

Cards indicating luck:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

Wheel of Fortune– It will come as no shock that in any reading, the Wheel of Fortune is one of the best signs you can receive. It tells of karma, but not karmic retribution. It’s more like all of your karmic rewards finally coming your way. This is always a good omen.

Ace of Pentacles– The Ace of Pentacles speaks to a new investment or a financial venture that will soon pay off. Hard work is going to soon culminate in a large payoff.

The Star– When you see the Northern star in the sky, it is said you will always be able to find your way home. The Star is similar to a guiding light in that, it will precede times of great healing and peace, much like finding your way home after a long journey.

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