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Lightworking: Psychic Ability?

Lightworking exists outside of the world of tarot, but it is all connected in tarot’s overarching view of the universe. A lightworker is a person who feels called to a Higher Purpose and believes they have already achieved their life’s journey. They believe that their new journey is calling them to help other’s achieve Enlightenment.

Many people believe that lightworkers have an almost preternatural instinct for divination. They seem to pick up on thoughts and feelings that aren’t necessarily voiced. Going back to spirit guides in tarot, your spirit guides may lead you to realizations about situations through tarot. You may have to work hard to see things through a new lens and perspective to understand fully what the deck is trying to tell you at times.

Psychic or not, it seems those that strive towards lightworking tend to take to tarot easily and it is certainly a worthy calling!

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