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Tarot Advent Calendar: Day Two

As we enter into a new year, it is as important as ever to be able to ask for wisdom from your spiritual guides. We’re bringing you another way to do that using the tarot this holiday season. While everyone is busy unwrapping presents from under the tree, you can be working towards unwrapping your lifelong goals next year, with the help of the universe itself.

The second spread we’re going to dive into is a more intermediate full circle spread. This is a spread for asking what kind of karma is coming your way. Are you paying it forward? Are you putting bad energy into the universe? It’s time to check in with yourself to make sure that the blessings you’re set to receive from the universe will not be blocked from you for bad behavior.

Place your cards from 1-6, in the order they are pulled from the deck, according to the chart. Let’s dive into what exactly they mean.

Card One: The Current State of Your Karma
Example: Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups tells us that we are starting on an emotional journey here. It is showing us our love life on a platter. We need to focus on our romantic karma going forward or we may miss out on the next step on our Path of Enlightenment.

Card Two: What You’re Doing Right
Example: The Star
The Star shows faith and hope. You’re probably believing the best in people and very open to love. The universe is telling you that you are doing this right. You are reaching out, meeting new people, and giving people chances that deserve them.

Card Three: What You’re Doing Wrong
Example: The World
The World shows taking a pause before your next phase of life. When something ends, there’s usually a small period of time before something else begins. You’ve spent too long wallowing in that. You may be shutting down people when they get too close and creating bad karma for yourself moving forward in this next journey life is bringing your way.

Card Four: Someone That Will Bring Positive Energy
Example: King of Pentacles
The King of Pentacles shows someone in a position of power or authority over you. This could be a boss or an elder relative that wants to see you succeed in love and will give you good advice.

Card Five: Someone That Will Bring Negative Energy
Example: Knight of Swords
The Knight of Swords shows someone young and articulate. This may be a charismatic younger person pursuing you that may seek to lead you away from your path and delay your growth.

Card Six: The Rewards You Stand to Gain or Lose
Example: Three of Pentacles
The Three of Pentacles shows the work required to achieve perfection. You may have to work hard, but pulling this card shows that if you do, your soulmate may be just around the corner.

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