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Elements and the Cards They Represent

Knowing the elements each card represents can help in many card readings, as they can help you identify a particular individual in your reading. For example, if you’re doing a reading for someone and it’s clear that there’s conflict from someone in their life, you can sometimes identify the individual by their star sign or see the same character repeatedly presenting themselves. These elements are especially important in a tarotscope.

Swords: Air
Cups: Water
Wands: Fire
Pentacles: Earth

The Fool: Air
The Magician: Air
The High Priestess: Water
The Empress: Earth
The Emperor: Fire
The Hierophant: Earth
The Lovers: Air
The Chariot: Water
Strength: Fire
The Hermit: Earth
Wheel of Fortune: Fire
Justice: Air
The Hanged Man: Water
Death: Water
Temperance: Fire
The Devil: Earth
The Tower: Fire
The Star: Air
The Moon: Water
The Sun: Fire
Judgement: Fire
The World: Earth

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